What we already know about President Trump’s betrayal of his oath of office and his obligations to the American people deals a severe blow to our national security, jeopardizes the integrity of our elections, and corrodes the very foundations of our democracy. 

A formal impeachment inquiry is imperative to protect our national security in the face of these betrayals. The facts that we know, and those that may emerge, must guide Congress from here as it rightly signals to the world that U.S. national security is not up for sale.  

President Trump used all of the power and resources of his office, including taxpayer dollars, to pressure a foreign leader to manufacture dirt on a domestic political opponent and interfere in the 2020 presidential election.

  • The President put our foreign policy up for sale by placing his interests over the national interest. Seeing this signal, countries will prioritize catering to Trump’s interests, not U.S. interests, leaving Americans to suffer while our adversaries gain.

  • Aside from himself, the President’s actions benefited no one more than Russia, which still illegally occupies parts of Ukraine. Trump emboldened Putin by signaling that he cares more about his electoral prospects than resisting Russian aggression.

President Trump invited the interference of a foreign leader in our elections. He solicited that interference with all of the weight of his office, the resources of the U.S. government and American taxpayer dollars. This reality alone constitutes a grave threat to the security and sanctity of our elections, one of the fundamental foundations of our republic. 

Recent reporting raises the alarming prospect that Trump may have repeatedly subverted U.S. national interests to advance his electoral prospects -- both directly and through Attorney General Barr. Just as alarmingly, the President’s actions invite interference by any country or leader seeking his favor, regardless of its impact on our security.

President Trump undertook these actions alongside Attorney General Barr, Secretary of State Pompeo, Vice President Pence, and his personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani. This shadow foreign policy conspiracy sidelined the U.S. government in a massive and ongoing effort to boost Trump’s political prospects by subordinating U.S. national security interests to his own. 

The Trump administration has sought to cover up its wrongdoing at every turn. This is all the more grave given this scandal deals with matters of intelligence and national security, where the Executive’s authorities under the Constitution are greatest and where the importance of oversight by a co-equal branch of government, the Congress, is most critical.