Jeffrey Prescott on Trump's Reckless Foreign Policy Agenda

National Security Action Executive Director Jeffrey Prescott joined “The Open Mind” on PBS to discuss the consequences of Trump’s approach to foreign policy.

We have traditionally stood for something: we’ve stood for equality, opportunity, justice, and dignity, and we’ve promoted those values around the world. We’ve seen it in our own interest to be the leader of the Free World. This is a President who has turned his back on that tradition.

What motivated us to start National Security Action was deep concern about the direction the Trump administration was taking our country on the international stage. We have seen a decline in respect for the United States, in respect for our leadership, in respect for the American president – very precipitous decline in a very short period of time. It’s troubling because it has an impact on the way we operate in the world, it has an impact on our security and our interests, and we need to stay focused on that.

Earlier this year, an international poll showed for the first time that China’s leaders were more respected than the United States, and I think that’s a warning sign that we’re on the wrong track here. President Trump has been erratic, he’s tweeted threats of war, has shown disdain for our allies, for some of our closest fiends in the world, and has been turning away from what has been a hallmark of American foreign policy: working with partners to try to tackle global challenges, recognizing that if we do that on the global stage it rebounds to our own benefit at home and keeps us safe.

Because of that, we felt we needed to organize in a different way than we have in the past. We’ve spent the past six months running this operation, but quite a few months before that, over the course of the Trump administration, watching what we were seeing, being worried about it, and recruiting some of the best and brightest minds on foreign policy and national security to come together and say, ‘We’ve been using our voices individually, now we need to be organized about how we take on what Trump is doing, how we let the American people know the ways in which we’ve gone off course, and how we design an affirmative agenda for progressives and Democrats to take this country in a different direction in the next couple election cycles.’ We’ve got to win that public policy debate.

Ned Price