Press Release: The Launch of National Security Action

For Immediate Release
February 27, 2018

“National Security Action” Launches to Take on Trump’s Dangerous Foreign Policy, Offer Affirmative Progressive Vision
More than 50 national security leaders and experts advise the new group

Washington—More than 50 preeminent national security leaders and experts have come together to launch National Security Action, an advocacy organization committed to advancing a progressive vision of American global leadership and opposing the Trump administration’s reckless foreign policy. Former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan, who held senior foreign policy positions during the Obama administration and served as the Clinton campaign’s Senior Policy Advisor in 2016, are Co-Chairs of the new organization. 

“On behalf of the broader Advisory Council, we’ve stood up a nimble, campaign-like structure focused on putting forward an affirmative vision of American leadership. Given the enormous stakes over the next three years, we feel a sense of urgency about the need to substantially impact the public debate on national security and the future of America’s role in the world,” said Rhodes. 

Sullivan added: “We’re committed to organizing an effective, strategic, relentless, and national response to this administration’s dangerous approach to national security. This is not a new think tank or policy shop. Our role is to help shape the public debate on foreign policy and national security, holding Trump accountable and lifting up an alternative, affirmative vision. That’s what’s needed, and that’s why we’re here.”

Among its activities and areas of focus, National Security Action:

  • Brings together and mobilizes an unparalleled network of hundreds of former senior officials and policy experts, academics, and civil society leaders across the country who are dedicated to a progressive vision of American global leadership.
  • Shines a bright light on the Trump Administration’s reckless policies, underscores their dangerous consequences, and equips Americans with the arguments to counter them. 
  • Develops compelling messaging and communications strategies—and serves as a bridge between the policy and political worlds—to shape the national security debates that are taking place in Washington and around the country in advance of the mid-term elections and the next presidential election.
  • Provides a resource for allies in Congress, grassroots organizations, and emerging leaders in Washington and across the country who share our vision, values, and sense of purpose.
  • Builds a strong, unified progressive opposition to the Trump Administration’s dangerous policies, which are making the United States less safe and diminishing our standing and influence in the world.

Not long ago, the United States was the undisputed leader of the free world. National Security Action will support and drive efforts to ensure America is once again.
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