National Security Action Announces Multi-State Digital Ad Buy Urging Key Senators to Vote Against Pompeo Nomination

National Security Action, an advocacy group dedicated to advancing American global leadership and opposing the reckless policies of the Trump administration, today announced the launch of digital ads urging key Senators to reject the nomination of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. 

The targeted ads are running in Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska, and a version of them is available to view here: 

Trump's War Cabinet
Climate Denier

National Security Action has been active in a broad coalition that has raised serious objections to the Pompeo nomination, and these three ads highlight some of the traits that would make Pompeo an especially dangerous Secretary of State. Specifically, they focus on his predisposition for the use of force over diplomacy in key theaters as well as his long record of climate change denial and bigotry against minorities, including Muslim Americans, and other marginalized groups. 

Dan Herman, National Security Action’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns, said of the anti-Pompeo ads: “Mike Pompeo has a demonstrated record of saying one thing publicly before the American people and doing another behind closed doors. If confirmed as Secretary of State, he would continue to do Trump’s bidding, while neatly fitting into the ‘War Cabinet’ Trump is assembling with John Bolton.”

Herman concluded: “Our message to these Senators is clear: We’re asking them to do the right thing.”

The ads will continue to run online in the targeted states through next week, when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote on Pompeo’s nomination.

Ned Price