Susan Rice Responds to the Trump-Putin Summit

Ambassador Susan Rice on the meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin: “It was a historic mistake to allow the president of the United States…to sit for two hours without any note-takers, without any aides present, with one of the most adversarial leaders of the world relative to the United States.  We have no idea what transpired.  And very predictably, the Russians are feeding their line of what happened.  We are hearing no rebuttal or comment from the United States.  Russia is dictating the -- the public perception -- the global public perception of what transpired in that meeting and we have no basis for countering it.  It’s a very, very uncomfortable and indeed dangerous situation for the United States to be in.” 
Ambassador Susan Rice on President Trump’s motivations when dealing with Vladimir Putin: “I don’t know what his motivations are.  I think that’s a legitimate question and it has been reinforced not only by the series of policy steps that I just mentioned that he’s taken that have served Russian interests as opposed to U.S. interests but it was also reinforce sadly this week by that tragic display by sycophancy in Helsinki where the president called into question yet again, standing next to Vladimir Putin, a dictator, the integrity of our intelligence community… I mean, it was a series of extraordinary capitulations that really do legitimately call into question what is going on.”

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Ben Rhodes